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Declined Upgrading from moderator

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1. Why do you want to become Admin instead of Moderator?

           I would like to become admin for the access of many more commands to make hale more fun for people, also for teleportation incase people get stuck ect.

2. What have you done to make yourself recognized by the community?

               I'm shadden?

3. Age?

4. Are you prepared to be yelled at?

            1v1 irl
5.What have you learned about the server when your a moderator?

                 about all there is to be learned



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it was declined by me due to being inactive. And btw you're not even moderator, you were demoted a while ago. You would of known if you actually came on the server to see for yourself. But the dodgeball server is coming soon so there might be a spot for that

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