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Declined O_Dxtre's/Bloodblood's Son's Mod Application

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Game/Job: Mod on vsh Saxton hale

Your Age: 16, Month: February

Ingame name: Bloodblood's Son/O_Dxtre

Steam ID: 76561198302012950

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198302012950

What Time do I usually play?:

Monday: I should be on depending on what homework I have

Tuesday: I should be on depending on what homework I have, no later than 8pm

Wednesday: I should be on depending on what homework I have, no later than 7:30pm

Thursday: I should be on depending on what homework I have, no later than 7:30pm

Friday: I should be on depending on what homework I have, no later than 8pm

Saturday: I have a cricket game usually from 8:15am to 12:00pm AEST. Other then that all day boiiiiis

Sunday: All day boiiiiis

Some nights I may not be able to play as of parent's rules and my sporting and personal life. This is a commitment so I will try my best to meet it.

Why should I become an Admin?: I think of myself as a trustworthy person. There are times when people don't follow the rules and there is no admin on and that just annoys me. I want to become admin to make the game funner and an experience to remember. I wont this server to stay alive and be fun, not die out and have many complaints.

Do I have a Mic?: Yes I do and I use it quite a bit. :3

Do I know the commands for admin?: I know some but not all. I would love though for another admin to teach me.

Have I been Admin on any other Servers?: No I haven't because I haven't found any other servers that I like that isn't Saxton Hale. I have been admin on a lot of groups on Roblox.

Have I read and fully understand the player rules?: Yes I have and others keep telling me the rules also.

If I stop playing will I let you know?: Yes I will. Even though this may never happen, I will send a message to the head admin at the time or pass a message through a fellow colleague.

Additional Information: I am Bambam*04 / ~RaGaM~  喜悅和幸 ' s brother and he was previously accepted as admin. If I do not have the needs for an admin could someone please tell me why. I am fine if I don't get admin because I am an easy flowing guy. I also know there are no spots available at the moment but if there is I would love to be the knew admin. Also I am loyal af and I will never disobey an order by my superior. The days I go on are exactly the same as Bambam's because we have the same parents and rules.

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