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Mr Griffin

Declined Griffins Moderator App For Dodgeball

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On 4/15/2017 at 8:07 PM, Jack said:

Griffin look, if theres a reason why this and all your other apps have been declined is because you ask way too much for admin/mod. Instead of flooding us with apps you should have got the message to stop nagging for a rank and instead wait a couple of months before applying. But unfortunately you have not gotten the message and still continue to ask for it. 


We don't want you as our admin/mod


If your so desperately bad for a rank i suggest waiting about 6 months before re-applying, or just go to a completely different server base since at this point in time we are not looking for any more admins or mods.




Jack, As you say "We don't want you as admin/mod I'm quite happy you got demoted :)

Why don't you start saying #GiveGriffinDodgeBallServerMod

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