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  1. Game / Job: Admin or Moderator
  2. Your age?: 14. I know it says requirements are 15, but hear me out.
  3. Ingame name and steam id: Weird Fox - STEAM_0:1:59115265 -  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078496259 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078496259
  4. What time do you normally play?: 6-9 pm NZT
  5. Why should you be an admin?: Because I believe I can bring happiness and a great admin to the server. I can respond to things fast and efficiently and I know how to manage things very carefully but with respect. I will never come on and administrate with a bad attitude, It spreads angryness and that's not cool. I can code sourcepawn and can fix plugins very easily. I have loads of experience with TF2, CSGO and Gmod servers. 
  6. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: I have a good microphone, and I use it often.
  7. Do you know the commands for admin?: Yes, I've owned around 5 TF2 Servers, and I had to learn how to set them up. I know how to use Stripper : Source & Sourcemod and I also make my own plugins for Sourcemod. (I did not include Metamod due to not much people acctually using it for commands, just to get SM working)
  8. Have You been an admin on another server before?: Yes, These are servers I am currently staff on now: FoxGaming, CMM, Airborne Delta & Group for Gaming. I was also the co-founder of SavG.
  9. Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: Yep
  10. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yep, I am always willing to be fair.
  11. Additional info: I may be young, that doesn't mean I cannot be staff. I understand why you're requirements are there and i've got nothing against that, I just prefer to help out no matter what age.

     PS : You guys use my better version of the dodgeball plugin.

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