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Game / Job - Minecraft (Admin)

Age - 17

In game name and steam - Ingame ( badboy_123_123) - Steam :  .wo

What time you normally play? Pretty much when i complete my stuff for school ill go straight on

Why should I be admin? When the minecraft server starts to get popular, i can help out many players if they are in trouble or need help cause they been grief. i can also help out the new players that joins, tell them how to claim their properties so they don't get their stuff stolen from another player and since ive been admin on another server for yrs but got shut down cause the owner coudnt pay for the server anymore, i pretty much know most of the commands but kinda rusty. after weeks of trying out all the command i will be useful and can help out other staffs if needed help. i can make some intertainment make players have fun, i also have some experience in building cause i watch vids cause y not?? now everything seems new to me but ill get used too as quick

Have you been banned from a minecraft server before? Never been banned what i can remember of

Have you been an admin on another server before? been admin on 3 servers, including mine i used to owned

Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules? i have read and fully understood the rules

If you stop playing Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow someone else to take your spot? ye sure

Additional Info : Im Senior-admin on Hale and db and i believe other servers you own aswell 

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