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ღDat Sighing Bae

ღPromise You Admin Application NEW!!!!

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1. Game: Tf2 Admin on Hale server #1


2. Steam name + URL:  ღPromise You  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075228836


3.Age: 17


4. Why I should be admin: I should be admin because I don't like the people who don't follow the rules on server and bully other player and ruin their fun I would to this by managing the server well and warn the people who are bullying player on the sever, I am a fair person, I show respect to all players on the server. I communicate well to player in games, I would ban player who are advertising on the server, I would not use my power to abuse anyone on the server, I am very well known on hale server #1 that’s one of my main server that i play on for TF2 so i would be able to monitor the server when ever i play TF2.


5.Define becoming a admin: Definition of becoming a admin for me it means that not over using the power of admin on players but use the power help player on server the player that needs them so the server would run fairly.


6. Communication (mic): I mostly use chat message to talk to players but I will use my mic if it is necessary to stop a player.


7. Do u know the commands of admin: I know the average command like ban, kick and slay but noy all.


8. What’s your policy with scammers: If it’s a scam i would ask the player for details and make sure it’s true and ask for evidence if they could provide. So then if it is a scam i will perm ban the player because we don't want him back to scam other players on the server.


9. Additional informations: My real name is Kevin I spend most of my time playing games or doing some other stuff.


Thank You For Your Time Reading My Application-.-

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ive seen you around, you do seem to talk alot which is nice and you seem to play moreso in the afternoon then at night which is also great since traffic is farely heavy at that time. However ive yet to hear you on a mic before.

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