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    The Hidden Server Rules

    I think that the time limit for the hidden to kill the IRIS memebers should be removed or at least extended. I have been playing on it quite a lot and people and myself are struggling to kill all the IRIS team in the time limit. TheSubtleApprentice
  2. TheSubtleApprentice

    Admin Applications. OLD

    Job: Admin (Hale)/ Possible Advertiser Real life name: Chris In game name: TheSubtleApprentice Age: 16 Maturity: Probably an 8/10 If you become admin what would you do?: I would monitor the server and hopefully have some fun with some of the Saxton Hale Community. I would make sure all the rules are followed but still keep the server fun and enjoyable for everyone What do you know how to do?: I am efficient with cinema 4d, and have a general idea of how servers work Info: Saxton Hale is basically the only server I ever play on, one of my friends is now an admin (alfred the wizard) and we play together a lot and so if you were to take me in as an admin you would most likely have 2 admins helping the server together. TheSubtleApprentice