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  1. panda

    Panda's resignation

    Hello everyone, I am sorry but I don't know if I can continue being an admin on phantom servers. Some events recently occurred which prevents me from being an effective admin and doing a good job. I think it should be fine since there are quite a few more admins who are more active than me like blood or kaos. Thanks. My steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/flamingkirby/ and my steam id is STEAM_0:1:21538734
  2. Hi. I was just wondering if you are allowed to steal in dodgeball. The reason why I am asking this is because Unleal says he will kick or ban anyone who steals a rocket. Personally from my experience this will not last long. It will only last when an admin is on and how can you stop stealing completely? What if unleal bans someone who did not steal but he thinks they stole? Also stealing is apart of dodgeball, It is unavoidable, what if someone airblasts a rocket straight at you and it was not yours but heading in your direction? You have to airblast it or die but then unleal would kick or ban you. This is very unfair. I may also point out that after Unleal came on the dodgeball server, he made it terrible, not enjoyable since he would teleport egeroth to the other side of country and spam that admin chat in the middle of the screen which said ALEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX constantly. Of course this is not an admin abusing post but I just thought I point that out, other people who have been on this server would know of this as well if they were on there. I may post an admin abusing report if he does it again but lately he will only kick or slay or ban if you steal =/. One last thing, he also silenced everyone except a select few once. Just think he should be monitered. Sorry if this is the wrong post, you may ignore it because of that but I think this is of concern to the community of admins who do these things and should be dealt with. I tried taking footage but I cannot use third party tools to record, lag like crazy and did not use the record thing in tf2 since it happens so fast. Oh well, next time.