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  1. ChickenWings

    What should we change the fortwars server to?

    Zombie Survival? Its similar to the Hale servers but once you get infected by the Dead Hale, you become part of Dead Hale's minions. And the Non-Infected ones has to survive for (I dunno, 10 minutes?). They can also use weapons to defend themselves ( I know this wont be a good idea, but hey, I was bored ).
  2. ChickenWings

    Mic spamming on Saxxy Hale

    They should make a Kicking Command... I know you can mute them but its easier if you kick em... or give em their 1st Warning..
  3. ChickenWings

    Hale #1 Swapover!

    LOL soz I posted this last midnight... I need to wake up....
  4. ChickenWings

    What changes would you like to see

    New Maps maybe? My Suggestions: 1. Abandoned Theme parks 2. The Arcade 3. Rainbow Road 4. The Mansion 5. The Museum 6. The Claw Machine
  5. ChickenWings

    Hale #1 Swapover!

    Well lets all have the Hale #1 Funeral *Turns on the Titanic Song on*
  6. ChickenWings

    Phantom Gamers Logo

    I was looking through the forums until I saw this topic. I thought to myself "Why not Challenge myself? I love a good Challenge! "
  7. ChickenWings

    Dodgeball Rules On Stealing

    How come I cant join the Dodge ball server? It always say "Connection failed after 4 retries".
  8. ChickenWings

    Hi, my name is Causality

    Welcome back Causality
  9. ChickenWings

    I'm new to the Forums.

    Haha thanks for the welcoming man
  10. ChickenWings

    I'm new to the Forums.

    Hey guys I'm new to the forums. I know... its complicated to know what to click on... like the "Reputation" button. I went on the "Report An Admin For Abuse" topic and I looked at the screenshots... then I was curious if there's anymore screenshots. So I clicked on the "Reputation" button (I wasn't aware that its a Like or a Dislike button. I thought the arrow down means more screenshots that are hidden underneath.) and... yeah its complicated to use this forum. But I'm sure that I'll get use to it later on. About Me: I mostly play on the VS Saxton Hale server. And I've been on that server since last October? Cant remember... What is my favourite music: War of Ages - Battle On Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns Approaching Nirvana - Monster What is my favourite TV show: Doctor Who Family Guy Mythbusters South Park Impractical Jokers Bob's Burgers Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Simpsons Futurama American Dad And I think that's it
  11. War of Ages - Battle On