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  1. legit found my phone 20minutes ago
  2. oh lol, I couldn't login to steam since I lost my phone that's why I was away.
  3. *FACEPALM* I didn't release I got admin, well this was stupid...
  4. I did make a serious attempt and a good app a while ago but no1 looked at it.
  5. Half joke? I can't tell myself tbh
  6. 1. Why do you want to become Admin instead of Moderator? I would like to become admin for the access of many more commands to make hale more fun for people, also for teleportation incase people get stuck ect. 2. What have you done to make yourself recognized by the community? I'm shadden? 3. Age? 17 4. Are you prepared to be yelled at? 1v1 irl 5.What have you learned about the server when your a moderator? about all there is to be learned
  7. 1. Why do I want to become Admin instead of Moderator? There are many reasons, some examples: getting someone unstuck by teleporting them out, or just reviving someone by accidental slays or map glitches. 2. What have I done to be recognized by the community? I am friendly to the community, always having a laugh and making it a more happy environment. I also never abuse my power, and i am always enforcing the rules to those who don't comply or don't know about the rules. 3. Age: 16 4. Am I prepared to be yelled at? Yes, I do try to tell people who like to swear alot that they should try and not do so as much, because many kids play. But if they become to out of control i will simply just gag or mute them. Well, ofc. I don't really bother with people who swear or yell. Unless it affects fellow gamers, in that scenario I can simply gag/mute them. 5. What have I learned from being a moderator? I have learned many things from my experience of being a moderator, from dealing with rule breakers, helping out all that i can when someone needs or not, keeping the community nice and friendly. Whilst trying to keep the peace, but punishing those who try to make it and unfriendly place for others.
  8. 1. Why do you want to become Admin instead of moderator? I think i could make the server more fun if i were admin i would still enforce rules as i usually do, and hopefully i can make the phantom gamers community on the server more enjoyable. 2. What have you done to make yourself recognized by the community? I have always been there making jokes having fun with everyone, and punishing poeple who don't follow the rules. 3. Age? 16 4. Are you prepared to be yelled at? I don't know why i would be yelled at, but sure if i have done something wrong i will take full responcability. 5. What have you learned about the server when your a moderator? I have learned alot whilst being moderator, even though at sometimes i am having fun i must take my job very seriously
  9. Raven-chan

    Matty Abuse Report

    First tunez now matty? wow look out the rest of the staff
  10. Current Games And Jobs Availability: Dodge Ball Admin (No Positions currently available) Saxton Hale Admin (3 Positions available) Application template: Game / Job: Saxton hale Admin/mod Your age?: Age of 16 Ingame name and steam id: Shadden - STEAM_0:1:80418813 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121103355/ What time do you normally play?: Usually most of my time Why should you be an admin?: I think i should be admin to help the Phantom-Gamers community be a safe and friendly environment, I know how to use the commands and all the pushiments. I have been playing in the phantom-gamers community for many years and i know how great it is, i am active most of the afternoon to night. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: Not a functioning mic, but i am a very fast typer Do you know the commands for admin?: yes i know the commands for admin, i have read over them. and hopefully know them all soon without trying to remember. Have You been an admin on another server before?: No i havent but, this will be good practice for me to see if i can be a great admin. Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: Yes, and i will follow and enforce them at all times. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yes i will notify you straight away, but i won't stop playing. Additional info: I have very helpful, and will always be there to help