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  1. What days and times do you play? Holidays Saturday 5 or 6 am - 8 or 9 pm Holidays Sunday 2 or 3 pm - 8 or 9 pm School Monday 3 pm - 8 or 9 pm School Tuesday 3 pm - 8 or 9 pm School Wednesday 3 pm - 8 or 9 pm School Thursday 3 pm - 8 or 9 pm School Friday 3 pm - 8 or 9 pm STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:14276034 Ingame name: Darkside, Darky, Muppet Real name: James Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197988817796 Do I have experience as a staff/ am i an admin on any other servers: No, but I will try to be a great mod and inspire people to make them feel happy. Do you have a mic? if so do you use it: No, because I dont like people hearing my voice. Age and Sex: 17 and i'm male How will it benefit Phantom-Gamers if i take this position: I just think it will be great since there are many staffs to help other people and have fun with them. Is this my first application: Yes, so i did my hardest work to make you accept it. if im quitting Phantom-Gamers would i let you know: Yes, so you could put someone else in my position if you accept someone. Do you know any commands: No, but it might help if one of the mods that know the commands teach me.