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Found 104 results

  1. Hello this is my Admin Application I would like to be admin on your Tf2 Saxton Hale x10 Server My in game name is: [TtC] GSWAG [GVG] My steam id is :STEAM_0:0:69883861 link to profile is : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198100033450/http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198100033450/ Age: I'm 12 year's old born on the 13/2/2002 so i'm turning 13 soon why do you want to be admin : Well i like Saxton Hale servers But lots of people are finding cheats and hacks in servers/maps if i was admin i would try to put a stop to this unwanted and silly behaviors. Like the orther day when i was playing on the x10 server and i was hale a guy or girl put heaps of crit Scottish Resistance sticky and when i went on it it killed me and i had 40k hp. Also as a admin you try to make the the server fun and enjoyable for orthers do you have a mic: Yes i do but it's really bad you can't hear me well do you know the commands for admin yes : I do i am the owner a tf2 trade server here is the group link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ttcttc i'm new to server hosting i know all of the basic commands and i know of to config servers and run a good server have you ever been admin on a server before: Yes i have been admin on 3 minecraft servers and 1 tf2 server and i owner a server have you read the admin rules and commands : yes i have and i do understand i use most of those commands Will you let us know if you leaving the server : yes i will let you know if i deside to stop play on the server But the is never going to happen Yeah thanks for read hope i get the job
  2. Team Fortress 2 / Admin 13 {PaRa} Lexite : (STEAM_0:1:77755587) I normally play for about 2 - 4 hours a day everyday. I would like to be an admin to expand the rules to other new or old players that never looked at them before, My job would be, if I see any rule breakers or exploiting anything I will make them stop. I do have a mic. I don't use it often. I know a couple of commands but not all of them. No. Yes, I have fully read and understood the admin rules . If I leave phantom gamers for any reason, will of course give up my spot for someone else.
  3. Team Fortress 2/ Administrator Age: 13 ★☆Toasted Sniper☆★: 76561198124453278 Time usually play: about 2 hours. I should be an admin because I know how to enforce the rules, any exploiting or stealing I see, I will give them a reason to stop. If I can become an admin, that would be great! thanks I have a mic, I dont use it often. I currently dont know the commands for admin. I have not been admin on any other server before. Yes I have fully understood the admin rules. If I leave phantom, I would like to give my spot to someone else.
  4. GAME: Team Fortress 2 (Vsh) STEAM NAME + STEAM URL: DeathGod (Sometimes LifeGod) + http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeathGods YOUR AGE?: 14 WHY SHOULD YOU BE MOD?: Well one of my dream jobs is becoming a moderator or an admin (prefer mod) to guide or help new players or if someone is having trouble in the commands or in social life and I would always respect the community and each other in the nicest way possible and not get people into an argument. I always like having fun with people on the server and giving them some things to do like (slap, funny jokes and etc...). I also will not be mean or I will not criticize people in the game because they might quit the game and I might ruin their fun, so I've decided to maybe do some raffle items draws with stranges, weapons etc.. But anyways a moderator means the world to me and I hope I get accepted so I can treat these people in the right way and make the, have a wonderful time on this beloved server. Also I will respect the server and the rules so that people can have a look how good I'm being because of those rules. DO YOU KNOW THE COMMANDS OF MOD (E.G. sm_kick)?: Yes I do know most of them like ent_create and other things for example, and other things like (ban, small, big etc..). But I would use these commands with caution and not abuse. WHAT IS YOUR POLICY WITH SCAMMERS?: Just say for example, just say that Pancake scammed Space and he wants his items back because Pancake scammed, In my personal opinion I would give her a warning to give back his items immediately, if he doesn't and leaves or says no I would ban her and contact steam support of Space and then Space has to do the rest with his account passwords and stuff.. ADDITIONAL INFO: Life I said before, my dream job would becoming a mod and guiding people for success on the server and not break any rules and respect each and every person equally.. Thank You For Reading!