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Found 104 results

  1. Application template: Game / Job: Admin on dodgeball Your age?: Not certain; between 16-18 Ingame name and steam id: []_Dark Angel_[] STEAM_0:1:60328023 What time do you normally play?: Late afternoon and night but can vary. Why should he be an admin?: He is a great friend of mine, also one of the most mature i know. He is a noble and modest person that comes on to have fun and joke around with players, always in a jolly mood and ready to have a laugh but at the same time will be strict when needed. He is extremely sensible and knows the community from top to bottom and is high on the dodgeball rank. He wouldnt abuse and almost certain that he would never be demoted, i trust this man with almost everything i have. I dont know him irl yet still i needed him to hold unusuals for me and he without question held them and traded back as soon as i needed them. Do you have a mic if so how much do you use it?: He has a mic and uses often, also fast typer. Do you Know the commands for admin?: Im not sure he knows too many but i will be happy to link him our information to basic rules and targeting, will also provide any extra's he may need. Have You been an admin on another server before?: I dont think he has, but he would be perfect for anyone. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules(Link)?: He hasnt yet but i will get him to and then to reply to this thread enstating that he has. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove you from admin and allow some one else your take you spot?: He would, I will guarantee that he will let me know as soon as he does. Additional info: He doesnt know that I'm doing this for him, I have just seen so many people apply and there is no one i would upvote (nothing personal but there are few people i know will respect the rules) and there are very few i would be happy with them getting admin. But not only that, with this amazing player I am more than happy to apply for him because he would set a good standard for admins across our server and when there arent other admins on will help respectfully watch over the server. If he doesnt want admin (im going to ask him, i just thought it'd be a nice gesture seen as though we need more people like him) i will hide the thread before it gets replied to, if he wants it he will reply after reading the rules.
  2. Team Fortress 2/ Administrator Age: 13 ★☆Toasted Sniper☆★: 76561198124453278 Time usually play: about 2 hours. I should be an admin because I know how to enforce the rules, any exploiting or stealing I see, I will give them a reason to stop. If I can become an admin, that would be great! thanks I have a mic, I dont use it often. I currently dont know the commands for admin. I have not been admin on any other server before. Yes I have fully understood the admin rules. If I leave phantom, I would like to give my spot to someone else.
  3. Team Fortress 2 / Admin 13 {PaRa} Lexite : (STEAM_0:1:77755587) I normally play for about 2 - 4 hours a day everyday. I would like to be an admin to expand the rules to other new or old players that never looked at them before, My job would be, if I see any rule breakers or exploiting anything I will make them stop. I do have a mic. I don't use it often. I know a couple of commands but not all of them. No. Yes, I have fully read and understood the admin rules . If I leave phantom gamers for any reason, will of course give up my spot for someone else.
  4. GAME: Team Fortress 2 (Vsh) STEAM NAME + STEAM URL: DeathGod (Sometimes LifeGod) + http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeathGods YOUR AGE?: 14 WHY SHOULD YOU BE MOD?: Well one of my dream jobs is becoming a moderator or an admin (prefer mod) to guide or help new players or if someone is having trouble in the commands or in social life and I would always respect the community and each other in the nicest way possible and not get people into an argument. I always like having fun with people on the server and giving them some things to do like (slap, funny jokes and etc...). I also will not be mean or I will not criticize people in the game because they might quit the game and I might ruin their fun, so I've decided to maybe do some raffle items draws with stranges, weapons etc.. But anyways a moderator means the world to me and I hope I get accepted so I can treat these people in the right way and make the, have a wonderful time on this beloved server. Also I will respect the server and the rules so that people can have a look how good I'm being because of those rules. DO YOU KNOW THE COMMANDS OF MOD (E.G. sm_kick)?: Yes I do know most of them like ent_create and other things for example, and other things like (ban, small, big etc..). But I would use these commands with caution and not abuse. WHAT IS YOUR POLICY WITH SCAMMERS?: Just say for example, just say that Pancake scammed Space and he wants his items back because Pancake scammed, In my personal opinion I would give her a warning to give back his items immediately, if he doesn't and leaves or says no I would ban her and contact steam support of Space and then Space has to do the rest with his account passwords and stuff.. ADDITIONAL INFO: Life I said before, my dream job would becoming a mod and guiding people for success on the server and not break any rules and respect each and every person equally.. Thank You For Reading!