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Game / Job: Saxton - Admin

Age: 15

Ingame name and steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198256956241/ - STEAM_0:1:148345256 -  XxGriffinxX™ | Road2Unusual

What time do you normally play:  I normally play all day, depends on how Im feeling and holidays and school

Why should you be an admin: I should be admin because I have no responsibilities, I need something to be responsible about.

Do you have a mic: I do have a mic, I use it quite often, depends on how I'm feeling, again.

Do you know the admin commands: I think so... Lemme go check right now.

Have you been admin/mod on another server before: Fuck no. 1st timer.

have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules: I think I do fully understand. I have read all the rules though.

If you stop playing on phantom-gamers will you let us know so that someone else can take your spot: yesh :3

Additional Info: is what I'm typing additional info?

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first off youve been on the server pretty short second off you shit talk alot nearly or more then i do ,also i arely see you use mic as in only once, im on alot and i mean alot and i only see you sometimes,also you can get pissed of easily to the point of wanting and maybe kicking , stay on the forums more and look through the community for a while den maybe ;/

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