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  1. Sorry if its an outdated format I couldnt seem to find a new one. If we arent accepting admins right now please consider for later on down the track.
  2. Application template: Game / Job: Admin on dodgeball Your age?: Not certain; between 16-18 Ingame name and steam id: []_Dark Angel_[] STEAM_0:1:60328023 What time do you normally play?: Late afternoon and night but can vary. Why should he be an admin?: He is a great friend of mine, also one of the most mature i know. He is a noble and modest person that comes on to have fun and joke around with players, always in a jolly mood and ready to have a laugh but at the same time will be strict when needed. He is extremely sensible and knows the community from top to bottom and is high on the dodgeball rank. He wouldnt abuse and almost certain that he would never be demoted, i trust this man with almost everything i have. I dont know him irl yet still i needed him to hold unusuals for me and he without question held them and traded back as soon as i needed them. Do you have a mic if so how much do you use it?: He has a mic and uses often, also fast typer. Do you Know the commands for admin?: Im not sure he knows too many but i will be happy to link him our information to basic rules and targeting, will also provide any extra's he may need. Have You been an admin on another server before?: I dont think he has, but he would be perfect for anyone. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules(Link)?: He hasnt yet but i will get him to and then to reply to this thread enstating that he has. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove you from admin and allow some one else your take you spot?: He would, I will guarantee that he will let me know as soon as he does. Additional info: He doesnt know that I'm doing this for him, I have just seen so many people apply and there is no one i would upvote (nothing personal but there are few people i know will respect the rules) and there are very few i would be happy with them getting admin. But not only that, with this amazing player I am more than happy to apply for him because he would set a good standard for admins across our server and when there arent other admins on will help respectfully watch over the server. If he doesnt want admin (im going to ask him, i just thought it'd be a nice gesture seen as though we need more people like him) i will hide the thread before it gets replied to, if he wants it he will reply after reading the rules.
  3. 1. Game: Team fortress 2 2. Steam name + Steam URL: Spud4brains<3 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057680716/ 3. Your age? : Currently 15, Born on the 18th of June 1999 4. Why should you be admin? : I would like to keep things simple so just going to throw down some dot points; I have been admin for about 1.5-2 years now In that time have never been close to a demotion Liked by most people on our servers Deal with people well Clear to understand and always give notifications on any new rules and old rules as a reffresher. Know all the rules back to front Can judge a situation Pretty considerate and understanding to players on the server I dont really like using my commands unless I have to Generally love being admin to make things as fun and easy going as possible I am a speedy typer to get all information and warnings needed into people's screens, also have a mic. I have a lot of expierience with being an admin. Know all commands necesarry I have a lot of play time I play on both dodgeball and hale a fair amount, but I play on dodgeball more. I know most people in the community. I will always give warnings and explain why things are the way they are. Im usually avalaible to sort out problems. I help anyone who needs helping I am a big part of the team fortress 2 community and can bring in a lot of attention. 5. Define becoming an admin : To a lot of people becoming an admin is about power and cool abillities, but to me becoming an admin is having a responsibility to keep the game going smoothly. I am not here to command people to do things, but i am here to guide and inform people on what is wrong and what is write enstated in our server rules. My job is to enforce all server rules whether I believe they are just or unjust, simply I have the responsibilty of that a policeman. In this I am not trying to sound childish but in that stating that I am here to make sure this community works well, I have a certain duty to perfom and a set of tools to make sure my duty will be forfilled. 6. Do you have a mic if so do you use it a lot? : Yeah I have a mic and I use it from time to time, I prefer typing though as I am a fast type, I have proof of what has been said, some people dont play with sounds on and It also makes me easier to understand. 7. Do you know the commands of admin (e.g sm_kick)? : I know a wide array of commands, I also know that I wont need most because all commands I will need are in /admin 8. What is your policy with scammers? : I think all scammers are scum, If a scam were to happen I would try my hardest to convince the person to give the items back, but on punishments I'd rather get a heads up on what to do instead of me going out and doing whatever I want to them 8. Have you been an admin on another server? : I have not, I have been offered many times but i declined as for my loyalty of phantom gamers. 9. Additional info: Well I'm guessing this is supposed to be something about me. If so basically I love politics, cooking, fitness, the color and artist pink, sitting, eating and gaming. Basically I'm just a relaxed guy who loves spending time with friends and I also enjoy alone time where I can sit and listen to the beatles and nick cave and study random things online. Thank you so much for your time and for taking an interest in my application, have a great day and good luck making your decision
  4. Spud4brain<3

    Dodgeball Rules On Stealing

    Hello all, We are now enforcing a new rule on no stealing rockets in the dodgeball server. By definition rocket stealing is when someone repetitively takes your rockets on purpose for any reason. Doing such will get you a warning, then a slay and if continuing will result in a kick. Reasons we are putting a stop to it; Put's people off their game, is generally greedy and unfair, ruins other people's fun and is blatantly selfish. What is not considered rocket stealing; When someone else's rocket is flying at you and is unavoidable then it is fair game to take it, this does not mean take every rocket that comes near you by any means. This was approved by Killer_Awesome_Phantom and will be enforced from now on.
  5. Spud4brain<3

    I want a higher position

    Well thats the thing i have done more than expected Well man thats the thing i have done more than expected as admin for this server and i have had ample ammount of time on this server with countless acts of good. Also i stand up for this server and everyones rights no matter what. All responsibilities given and more and most of your points dont make heaps of sense. Either way i have lived up to and exceeded my expectations.
  6. I have been with this server as admin for amlost a year i think, i love this server and im always on. That is why i want a higher position. I know head admin is taken but i just want a higher level of admin because I have done so much for this server and made so many friends in doing it, that should be reward enough but i really wish something higher. I have followed every rule, helped new admins and mods start up, im always imforming people in on updates with the server, helped other admins with rules and i do countless good deeds for this server and i do not see why i should not be higher up. I will not abuse my powers or play unfairly, not because of the rules but because of moral and knowing the difference between right and wrong. I just hope someone will see eye to eye with me.
  7. -1 I love the guy but he is easily agrivated and i havnt seen him on enough to get admin.