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  1. It's a no from me. As stated in the requirements, you must be at least 15 years of age and have 5 or more posts. specks.
  2. specks.

    Won't be on for a few weeks!

    was on the same boat. called them a cagillion times. all was complaints xD
  3. Well, hate to break your bubble, but I don't see this application being accepted anytime soon. Currently Phantom Gamers aren't taking any admins → http://phantom-gamers.net/topic/308-admin-application-template-read-this-before-applying-to-see-if-we-need-admins-or-not/. In addition, you have not met the 5 post prerequisite.
  4. specks.

    csgo rank

    uh, was originally dbl ak, when it was smurf and hacker infested at the end of last year. havent played since. no rank
  5. specks.

    Hai! I'm specks.

    Uhh, is this the right place to introduce myself? Am i the first? LEL Well o well, shall we get started? I'm from Melbourne c:I'm a legit grammar nazi. So you better watch out. Have a soft spot for FPS - CS:GO, BF3 & BF4, TF2, Recently took a break from CS:GO and going back into TF2I've only recently found this community and have been playing for a week and half-ish. You'll probably find me in SaxxyAs Mr.Potato, Hade and a couple members probably remembers, I was part of OzGaming as an admin in the old days under "sloths."I had no favourite class, until they buffed the Loch n' Load C:That's all I'll see you all in the future.
  6. specks.

    New Map for DB?

    tfdb_octagon_a5_fix One of my beloved maps that was ran by a retired community. Would love to see if this community likes it, perhaps a trial? specks.