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  1. 1. Game: Team Fortress 2 2. Steam name + Steam URL: STEAM_0:0:41222236 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Yakunan/ 3. Your age? 16 4. Why should you be admin? : I love helping out on a server, it's one of the things i do best. I have been an Owner of my own Trouble in terrorist town, admin on a friends TTT and a Deathrun. I'm familiar with Source Mod and i deal with issues as fast as i can. My graphic design skills have doubled last time i made a post Phantom ;P so anything need done ill see what i can do at the moment i haven't got access to programs but, i can deal with that easily enough. 5. Define becoming an admin : Being an admin or becoming is a sign that you can trust me, that I have responsibility and that you think that i can deal with the stress on the server. Its a privileged not a right you have to act accordingly or there will be consequences. That is one of the things that i have told my admins and moderators. 6. Do you have a mic if so do you use it a lot? : All the time don't usually shut up xD 7. Do you know the commands of admin (e.g sm_kick)? as i said previously i have had experience with source mod and i know most commands by talking to admins/moderators on my favorite servers. 8. What is your policy with scammers? : scammers? absolutely hate them you should know this Killer Awesome Phantom i was scammed a Max's head back when i used to play at the start of last year lost a profit of about 85$ and the money i spent to get to the position that i was in i will not tolerate scammers not shall i adorn to their actions. 9. Additional info: Real name: Patrick IRL job: MacDonalds + working at a Saturday market with my grandfather. Hobbies: Watching anime, gaming, sport and doing my graphic design. Favorite anime: Bleach Favorite movie series: LoTR (Lord of the Rings). Favorite game series: Kingdom Hearts. Favorite game mode on tf2: Hale and/or Dodge ball. Yakunan Member Since 17 Jan 2013 ONLINE Last Active Today, 03:31 PM Proof of how long i have been a member of this server Please let me know if you have any anime suggestions Sincerely Yakunan/Patrick
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    The Hidden Server Rules

    hehe i remember playing this with killer when it was still in beta testing for phantom
  3. the question is were you nessercary ;D no it probably wasnt but meh was giving him a +1 and my mind went on a rampage
  4. +1 #whynoonelookatmyappanymorejustcauseitsatthebottumimsosad <--- my new signature
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    LOGO (my version)

    if you read on the picture he got it from a website and just wrote on it
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    Evanescence demoting cookie

    Cookie was not informed that the admin rules had been changed i would like to point that out.
  7. Thanks for the support guys means a lot.
  8. +1 cookie she is such a babe she boosts your esteem instanly, i agree 100% with levight. brilliant personallty always looking forward to seeing her on the server.
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    Admin Applications. OLD

    Job:Admin Age:15 maturity (1-10):8.4 Something About you:I like to think myself as a nice guy someone who people can talk to helpful and very understanding I also have a lot of responsibility since I work out of the house If you do become admin what will you do:I will help around the server make sure people who are messing around annoying people or breaking the rules e.g point boosting and wasting everybody's time well be properly taken care of. Hopefully I be able to stop some of the bullying also which has be going on in the server against the younger participants who are there just like everybody else to have fun and enjoy themselves. 6. What you Know how to do (with the job IE: graphic design ):this year i will be doing some graphical design classes if you need any photo shop done i could be your man ;D. i have also configured a few servers on several games such as minecraft and terrria and I'm sure that I can develop skills with the TF2 servers Kind regards Yakunan