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  1. 1. Game: Team Fortress 2 Dodgeball 2. Steam name + Steam URL: Salmon or STEAM_0:0:49383988 3. Your age? : turned 16 on May 13th 4. Why should you be admin? : Because i used to host alot of servers back in the day and was handling everything easy. I have many friends on the server who listen to me and this is the only server i play on in the whole of TF2 so i want to make it a fun and playable experience for everyone without all the annoying trolls or dickheads trying to ruin it for everyone ( i have been seeing that lately). 5. Define becoming an admin : Becoming an admin would be a reward given to you. In saying this, you have to have the patients and responsibilities of sorting things out and permitting punishments but not making them too serious. You will need to understand the rules of being an admin and help anyone one Young, old, different country or different colour (not to be racist or discriminate against any individual). You will need to understand situations in your path so you make you sure you are going into an argument without making a fool of yourself (know whats going on before going into the conversation). And being mature and a suitable role model to everyone around you, so you can make yourself a likable admin and be respected by others. And last but not least respect everyone on the server and do not ban them for no apparent reason. 6.Do you have a mic?: yes i do have a mic and i use it quite often when people are talking to me or when an argument happens (sorting out the situation). 7. Do you know the commands of admin (e.g sm_kick)?: Not really but people are going to help me along the way, so i can understand it quick and easy without making a hassle out of it. 8. What is your policy with scammers? : They can get fucked to be honest. and i don't trade anyway so yeah 9. Additional info: Hosted servers in the past, People respect me, I'm an understanding guy and i don't walk into situations without finding out what has happened.