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  1. Matty

    Bronte's Resignation

    lol fuck you idiot noob h8 u bronte wtf omg this is cool aha lol xd
  2. Matty

    for those who were on db

  3. i think the amount of staff we have for db is quite fine atm, also bronte ur a loser :^)
  4. well what do you want me to do be normal +1 or -1 every app, no i gotta make it fun, loljksfuckyouall :^)
  5. since when did jack act tough, thought that was bronte's job wtf
  6. Matty

    New Hale Maps?

    @Bronte http://gamebanana.com/maps/73929 http://gamebanana.com/maps/161768 and weapondepit, which sadly can't find the link but can send you file also ur gay love ya :^)
  7. Matty

    !unusual Plugin Bug/Removal Request

    unless you mean the sticky jumper
  8. Matty

    !unusual Plugin Bug/Removal Request

    wait what weapons are theses?