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Found 4 results

  1. I have started a new thread, considering the fact that the other one is outdated and spammed with useless shit. So! I'v gathered a few plugin recommendations from the community, and most from my own server which help to make the server a better place, and the staff on Phantom Gamers job much, much easier. Plugins to remove. (On the dodge-ball server) Im sure most don't need explaining, considering they're useless on pyro tennis. * Be the Robot: Sentry Buster * Halloween Boss Spawner * [TF2] Colored Engineer Buildings * [TF2] Building Spawner Extreme........ O'Rly killer.. * Set Health (Don't really need it + the plugins broken/doesn't work) * TF2 Set Class (Just no..) * [TF2Items] Give Weapon........ Plugins to remove on Hale server: * Set Ammo" (1.1.0) by DarthNinja * [TF2] Dodgeball" (1.0) by Damizean Plugins Missing on db. /need to install on db. * Map Nominations. (This is on Hale but also need to be on dodge-ball) Plugins to be installed on both servers. (FOR SOME REASON: Some links don't work. The are linked at the bottom of the page). * TF2 Godmode: (Your current one is outdated by years. Not sure its needed, but if you want it installed install "TF2 Deluxe God-mode" * !ccc (custom chat colours): Holy tits, we need this, the one we have is so outdated.. Need the new one. Why you ask? !ccc brings up a menu. Over like 500 chat colours for admins+mods (even vips if you install it for their flags). You can hide or show your tag. Admins sometimes need to hide their tag, considering how many commands we get asked to put on players if we just type in chat. Id rather not be begged 24/7. * https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=190562 Advanced Inf Ammo: Also not sure if needed, but your current is also long overdue/outdated. * https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=523432 Don't Shout: Makes chat tidy, changes the chat messages to lowercase when they are (almost) fully uppercase. * https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=630159 Perma Mute: Perm Mute/Gag: Permanently mutes or gags a player. This is normally a last resort, but there's definitely a few kiddies that need this. * https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2190494 Last Known As: Announces a clients previous name if they change between connects. Reason being people try to escape mutes by reconnecting with a different name. * Admin/Players Grab: Dearly needed, it helps check who is on opposite teams since aim names glitches out in certain maps. Also in hale it helps remove people blocking the doors. * Connect announce/needs to be updated/edited: Connect Announce [Needs to be update] You need to update this plugin. Things in it include making it so that players can see other players steam ids when they disconnect. Also make it so only admins can see their steam id’s+ their ip address. Helps with banning hackers/constant pests. (let me know if ya need help, its pretty basic but ya know.) Also to be fixed: *Major (for me <3)* * Fix engineer on saxton hale! If you're engi and you beat hale, either way you lose 10-15 points per building. So if you have dispenser, sentry, and 2 teleporters you're losing 60 points per round.* Many people main engi (including me) and are not able to play it in saxton because of the spastic scoring system. You should not lose any points at all for buildings. If you need help with anything/need more info, let me know.Note: Some spastic fucking thing is happening and wont let me hyper link things, so i had to just paste the actual link into some of the updates section.Looks messier than a 16 year old giving birth.
  2. B00!

    Store messing up?

    I have recently seen that my ''Title'' for the store on ''Saxton Hale'' keeps changing. I have purchased the title 'Prince'' and every time I leave the server and rejoin, My title will change to something random. ~ B00!
  3. Hey Guys. Today i was on Saxton Hale server #1 I was having a great time UNTIL.... i became Saxton Hale,. The problem about Hale is most classes have a cap. For example spy 3, sniper 3 etc. but scout.. That's a whole other issue. When i was selected for Hale i was so excited cos i hadn't played as him in so long, but there were 10 scouts attacking me all at once. 10 Scout is very OP. Don't get me wrong i love a challenge! But when there are 10 scouts attacking you all at once its very hard to survive even when you have better abilities and powers than them. Just suggestion that maybe put a cap on scout ti maybe 5 or so? ~Cheers, Beesley!
  4. I've been playing on your TF2 hale server, and it's pretty damn good, although I do have an issue with it: - I notice that, sometimes when playing as sniper, even though I get a clear shot on Hale, right in the center of his chest, the shot still doesn't register and I don't deal damage to him. This is when neither hale nor I are lagging, our pings are below 100. I thought this was something to do with the rate (i.e. how often bytes/second are sent and received by the host), so I checked in console, and it seems the Hale server's rate is locked to 20000. I remember one of Valve's previous patches which increased the default rate to 30000, improving gameplay, can you change this Killer_Awesome? I notice on other servers with this rate that I tend to do upwards of 4000 damage to hale as a sniper, whereas on this server I usually do around 2000, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who would welcome this change. Thanks in advance!