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Found 2 results

  1. Glaze

    Glaze or something

    Hi, you read the title, so you know my name. I am a 22 year old voice actor, from Queensland, Australia. I've played dodgeball since about April 2014. I do voice acting professionally, and I will do voices in-game of my own volition (No I will not do it if you ask) So yeah, thats about it. Thanks for reading this. Have a day, its up to you wether its a good one or a bad one.
  2. Senór Spy

    Hello I'm Senor Spy :D

    G,day fellas, My name is Senor Spy also known as SnAkE. Well where do i start.... I'm 17 years old i live in WA Perth Australia and well i play video games or should i say game without the plural. I love Team fortress 2 and i love your Saxton Hale Servers. I'm currently a Year 12 male student who has one week left of school (YAY) and I'm going on to study to become a nurse. I enjoy gaming, riding motorbikes (i have a few) and having a good time with friends and family. I've been playing on your servers quite frequently and for quite a while now and i'm hoping i can get to know more people and players. I strongly believe that Phantom Gamers is going to continue growing big and strong as i already see new players joining your servers and having a good time. The community that you guys have set up will only get better and i top my hat off, to every admin and the owners who have made the servers a fun and enjoyable experience for casual and serious gamers. I'm hoping to see you guys around and to help support and contribute anyway i can. Thanks for reading, Senor Spy.