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    My interests.....well i enjoy socialising with mates, going dirt bike riding, playing cricket and soccer generally any sports, and i enjoy the occasional Team Fortress 2 game playing Saxton Hale.

    I'm a pretty chill Aussie teenager just looking to have a good time.

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  1. Hey Killer, as you know i use to be an admin over a year ago and to be honest i really haven't played on the servers much. I'm not just applying for admin again but for a head position as logging onto this website after so long and seeing all these posts about Admins abuse and the fact they are so young still brings a question as to should we have an age limit for an admin application. I remember at the time bringing in so many players into that server due to the fun and well mannered atmosphere that was monitored by myself. So here is my application again. Game: I'm applying for the Team Fortress 2 Head Admin position. In-game name and link to your steam community profile page: My in-game name is SnAKE steam community profile page ---> http://steamcommunity.com/id/tinytags7 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:36958362 Age: 18 Years old, born 20/07/1996. Why should you be admin: Many people apply to become an admin because they want the power and ability to control servers and individuals and because of this miss use the admin abilities causing problems on the server and not making it as an enjoyable experience for the players. This is not the reason why I want to become an admin. As an admin you're representing the clan and its community, and you must be responsible for your actions. The reason why I would like to become an admin is because I believe I have the skills that are required in an admin. I have been in many clans where I have moderated and even been one of the clan’s leaders; I've had experiences with players causing problems such as cheating/hacking, not following the server rules, continuous spamming/advertising and severe abuse to players. As an admin I would set a good example to players, help anyone if needed, and I would monitor the server and make sure it is running smooth without complications. I would remind people of the server rules and regulations not in a harsh manner but in mature sensible manner so everyone has fun. I would encourage people who want to join and get involved with Phantom Gamers and make sure that the Phantom Gamers Community is a strong good natured safe place to make new friends and have an enjoyable experience. And with these things in mind, I believe I would benefit your server being an admin. Something About you: I’m 18 years old I was born the United Kingdom and then spent half my life in the United States. At age 11 my family decided to move to Australia and there I began my true life, growing up on a farm up in Williams’s town. I got to experience the country and helped look after a 2000 acre block with my family looking after cattle. 4 years later we decided to move closer to the city now currently living in the Hills where I completed my highs schooling years and I’m about to graduate tonight. I enjoy all sports, my favourite being Soccer and Cricket which I both play in clubs for, and I of course enjoy gaming and most off playing Team Fortress 2. Soon next year I’m hoping to go study at Notre Dame to become a Registered Nurse and from there on work my way up to become a Doctor, as I enjoy helping and caring for people and enjoy the bio-science of health. If you do become admin what will you do: I will monitor and make sure the server is running smoothly, maintain a good example to players, deal with problems and issues effectively and smoothly, enforce server rules and regulations and help support new players to our community. Additional info: I currently have a casual job at McDonalds which I absolutely love. I have many friends that work there and we all have a strong good work ethic. I also do paid work experience at Perth Royal Hospital in the Trauma Department assisting nurses and Doctors in the wards and learning many new skill sets and competencies required in my future career. Just quickly I would like to list the clans I have been an admin in, =]aAD[=, S.S, {NO}, [N]inja, cAG, RP, eGO. All these clans have been Call of Duty clans for Search and Destroy. I’m no longer In any of these clans as I stopped playing games for nearly a year and a half to focus on my school work. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Thank you J SnAKE
  2. Senór Spy

    Favourite Songs :3

    Gawd damn....those chicks mega sexy
  3. Hey Cweapy....why are posting this on a second account?
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    Phantom's Trading Thread

    Buying free hats and items trade me
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    What We Want The Phantom-Gamers community To Be

    What sorcery word is this term admins you speak of?
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    Levlight's Scare XD

    Dat scream 10/10 moist.
  7. Give me left 4 dead and i will do it should do a tf2 troll video with dooms and the legit Senors like last time hahaha
  8. Kids Fattening Centre (KFC)

  9. Senór Spy

    i did commentary! woo

    Haha it was a pretty cool video nice damage pity the hale was a noob yeah just have a topic to talk about I guess practice makes perfect
  10. Senór Spy

    Post a picture of yourself!! :)

    Hahahahahahahahahaha omg that is even scarier when it's bigger than your avatar picture :/
  11. This is me and my current girlfriend .
  12. If this was an admin application then wow. Didn't read our requirements, the template and format was terrible. http://phantom-gamers.net/topic/122-admin-application-template-read-this-before-applying-to-see-if-we-need-admins-or-not/ Think it's safe to close this.