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Hai! I'm specks.

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Uhh, is this the right place to introduce myself? Am i the first? LEL


Well o well, shall we get started?

  • I'm from Melbourne c:
  • I'm a legit grammar nazi. So you better watch out. ;)
  • Have a soft spot for FPS - CS:GO, BF3 & BF4, TF2, 
  • Recently took a break from CS:GO and going back into TF2
  • I've only recently found this community and have been playing for a week and half-ish. You'll probably find me in Saxxy
  • As Mr.Potato, Hade and a couple members probably remembers, I was part of OzGaming as an admin in the old days under "sloths."
  • I had no favourite class, until they buffed the Loch n' Load C:

That's all :) I'll see you all in the future.


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