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  1. thanks guys. yeah. still doesnt seem to be an active admin on DB. so if any of the staff are looking for one, im really active on it.
  2. 1. Game - TF2 (dodgeball Server) 2. Steam Name + Steam URL - [G.P.C]Dann ༼ᕗຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dannehz (Dont mind the G.P.C tag, inside joke ) 3. Your Age? - Currently i'm 20 going onto 21. I maintain a full time job as a chef but am available from 3pm ~ 12am every day. 4. Why should you be Admin? - I have alot of experience as being an admin for TF2 servers. Tho i'm new to these servers i feel an admin is needed for the dodgeball server. I've been playing it alot latelly and there happens to be alot of scamming/spamming/harassing that i can't really help with except for Votemuting people when the whole server gets annoyed. 5. Define becoming an Admin - Becoming an Admin is very much like running a kitchen in my opinion. You get given the responsibility to help run something. You have to show strength and compasion when an admin because people look up to you and ask for guidance. You need alot of intelect to be able to do this also. 6. Do you have a Mic if so do you use it alot? - I love communicating to other players through Mic. Tho people can find alot of Mic talking annoying so i cut it down alot so i keep the other players happy. 7. Do you know most of the admin commands? - I know most of them i ran a Trading server called |FmL| Trading for well over a year but i still keep my command book handy. 8. What is your policy with scammers? - I dont tolerate any kind of scamming what so ever. I have a 1 warning system. You get given the initial warning then its an instant kick/ban depending on the situation. Theres alot of kids that play this game in which they can get upset quickly. So Scamming is a main problem that needs to be wiped out. 9. Additional Info - the main reason im running for this admin position is for the Dodgeball Server. Tho its made just for having fun theres alot of Scamming/Harassing/Spamming that goes on that no one seems to be able to control. So i feel i'd be a good fit for the admin position due to my background and past admin experience. I'm also a very friendly person always there to give advice and have a fun chat with. Thank-you for your time ~Dann
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    Favourite Songs :3

    Ya'll will love this. Female President by Girls Day So kawaii <3
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    The Hidden Server Rules

    wow. Hidden server O.o That sounds great. ima try it out lmfao
  5. I agree. Trade servers these days are just blanned with no initial interest from the community. I myself use to run a trade server called |FmL| Trading server and we added twists to our maps. Spycrab arena (with buttons so you would move down into the flames when you crabbed), we added platforming portals, soccer, racing all that stuff, thats what differs your server from others +1 on this idea.
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    favorite song right now?

    Killswitch Engage - The Arms of Sorrow
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    A Guide to shaving for younger members.

    lmfao. thats hilarious