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    Is the 2nd biggest gaybo on phantom db, behind Matty

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  1. TheMaxofaus

    Uncharted for admin.

    Guaranteed he won't ban anyone, has a clean slate record on abuse.
  2. TheMaxofaus


    Good bye sweet prince
  3. TheMaxofaus

    Dodgeball rockets are way too fast now

    The rockets should be faster, too pound my pussy
  4. TheMaxofaus

    Love me :c

    Ay lmao
  5. TheMaxofaus

    Matty Abuse Report

    Oi if Matty gets demoted, give me admin plox
  6. Jack try to abuse me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lil bitch
  7. Like once a week xd for 2 minutes
  8. I will make a new application later... in like a month or some shit, and I never see admins on sometimes Matty will come on and that is about it
  9. What do you mean as good as it can be?
  10. 1. Game/Job: Dodgeball Admin 2. Age: 16 3. ING and steam id: Maxofaus - http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheMaxofaus/ 4. What time I normally play: When ever I can (almost everyday). 5. Why should I be admin: Most of the time there aren't admins on to deal with stealers and mic spamming 12 year olds, so I thought since I am on most of the time I might be able to help. 6. Do I have a mic: Yes, I am a mic spamming 12 year old. 7. Do I know admin commands: Most of them. 8. Have I been a admin on another server: Yes. 9. Do I know and understand the rules: Yes. 10. If I stop playing Phantom will I tell the owner to remove my rank: Yes obviously. 11. Additional Info: I am a faggy weaboo that knows nothing about the world.
  11. TheMaxofaus

    My bubble Gum Story....

    Can someone just ban him already?
  12. TheMaxofaus

    Claymin is new

    What the fuck is this shit xD
  13. TheMaxofaus


    Yeah man
  14. TheMaxofaus


    Sounds about right