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Job : Saxton Hale and maybe if Killer releases db i wouldn't mind depends


My age : Legal now "18"


In-game stuff : You already know me by Matty or faggot / STEAM_0:1:37469408 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035204545/


What time do i usually play this game : I guess all day since this game is somewhat my life 24/7


Why would i like this position : I've had many experience being admin and mod for this server, i would like to continue what i love to do for the server which is brighten up peoples days, I am somewhat responsible of takin care of the server i've help this server for many years and i've made it somewhat amazin and also somewhat shitty acordin to some people


Do i own a mic : If im in the mood i'll use it or just make loud noises but yes i do


Do i know the commands : All of them off by heart


Have i been admin or mod on any other server : Yes even your own server my friend


Do you know and understand all the rules : yea i guess so


If i stop playing Team Fortress 2 will i contacted you : yea


Add info : Bronte i hope you're happy and yes i know this looks like a meme app but heck i might as well look like i know what im doin

More info : I may not get mod, but since i'm like the only person tryin for a third chance, this may as well be my last and only chance i'll ever apply for this again



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App is a bit short but i think you've learnt your lesson and your application is probably more serious than the other ones in my opinion. The server would much like you back more often. I still don't have the opportunity to accept/decline but I will discuss to killer about yours 

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