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    Phantom troll hits once again!

    Too long to read -,- #lazy
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game: TeamFortress2 Your age?: 15 In game name: BDG | ElfMan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:94467601 What server am I applying to be an admin for?: Saxton Hale What time do I normally play: I usually go on TF2 (Phantom-gamers) at 2PM- 5PM TimeZone: GMT+8 Why should you be an admin?: While I was on your server I was pretty quiet at times while I was in your server I've seen people spawn-camping or AFK players and I can't do much about it other than reporting it to Beesley. I am on your server at least 4 hours per-day. I am volunteering to be a part of your staff team by spending my time on the server as much as I can. I am royal to all rules, members & staffs. I do not abuse my position when in game or forum. Do I have a mic if so how much do I use it?: I do have a mic and I only use it when someone's talking to me or I need to tell someone the rules. Do you know the commands for Admin?: I do know the commands well. Have I been Admin on other servers before?: No, although this is my first time being an Admin on TF2, I am experienced since I am an Admin on Minecraft. I know that TF2 and Minecraft have nothing in common but to volunteer and take responsibilities towards the server and the members takes time and effort. Have I fully understood the terms and conditions for the admin rules?: Yes I have read the rules and I agree to all of it and I promise I won't break a rule. If I am leaving Phantom-Gaming will I notify a higher staff member and tell them that I am leaving so others could take my position?: Yes, I would notify immediately. Additional Info: - I have Skype it's Marcoflint - I am a fun and friendly guy to be around but when it comes to a limit I could be strict :3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for taking your time to read my application and hoped you liked it!
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    Donate / Donator Ranks

    Yes there is. Check the donation section
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    What improvement would you like to see

    Remove the command /resizemyhead for [Vip] due to disturbance to other members.