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By far the worst thing I've ever done...

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>Be 12, living with an abusive uncle and aunty

>We live on an old farm, no animals just fields.

>My uncle goes off to the market and comes back with this filthy ass horse. He says its bred from this old blokes prized stallion.

>Aunty loves it for some reason cause its all muddy and she calls it "dirty".... She was a bit f***ed up like that.

>I being a country side fag liked horses and riding them

> Then they turned on me, "If we ever catch you riding our horse, we will beat the living S**t out of you," They meant it.... The had done it before.
>Few days later, I'm messy around in the field with this old tractor tire I found.

>Dirty is just eating grass and S***ing next to me.

>Aunty and Uncle come out every few minutes to make sure I'm not riding the horse.

>Get bored and climb inside the tire....

>Tire starts moving *The field wasn't flat*

>Can't stop.....

>Aunty and Uncle come outside and check on me....

>"They see my rolling, they hating, patrolling..... Trying to catch me riding 'dirty'"



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