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  1. ღDat Sighing Bae

    Evix's Admin Application

    +1 great guy, would be a good admin
  2. ღDat Sighing Bae

    Pancake's Admin/Mod Application

    +1 gud luck -.- Huehuehue
  3. Yea because I'm in NZ the times will be a little different compared to Aussie and I usually use chat massage more often than mic but I will use my mic when it's neccery.
  4. ღDat Sighing Bae

    What improvement would you like to see

    Remove the plungin for vote mute and gag for hale 1 because people are spamming commands to mute and gag random player on the server.
  5. ღDat Sighing Bae

    Midnight Reign's (New) Admin Application

    Awesome guy, communicate well and get along with others on servers. +1
  6. ღDat Sighing Bae

    Having Freak Fortress Hale Server?

    Oh right-.-
  7. Having a new freak fortress server? No hate pls-.-
  8. ღDat Sighing Bae

    Disabling Rage

    I think reckon if we were to get rid of the rage BFB and FAN should be banned because otherwise for some hale it will take forever to catch the scouts, or just make the rage meter full up slower so some hale could Atleast kill some camping engineers.
  9. ღDat Sighing Bae

    LOGO (my version)

    Dem pic-.- so amazing-.-
  10. ღDat Sighing Bae

    R.I.P Paul Walker - Fast and Furious.

    Dem faces -.-
  11. Okay, thanks for letting me know.