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    Eating, Gaming, More eating and that's about it
  1. +1 cookie, definitely deserves it.
  2. Gutted :D

    Advertising and RAWR

    Back in the day, when we were all one big happy family. Then rawr had to make a server of his own and started to fuck shit up. :c Gutted is sad
  3. Gutted :D

    Limit Scouts?

    Beesley, the reason you saw 10 scouts is because 10 is the maximum of scouts
  4. Gutted :D

    LOGO (my version)

    lol dat edit, but nice work!
  5. I <3 Chicken (too eat)

  6. I actually quite like the idea of a Trade Server, it's a place i like to go on with my friends for a bit of fun. Also, when i'm on the trade server there seems to a fair amount of players on. The only thing i DO have against the trade server is the map. Very restricted jump height and that seems to be why people don't go on, they can't rocket jump properly. Maybe change the map or something like that, other then that i think that the trade server is great
  7. Gutted :D

    Admin Applications. OLD

    2. Real Name: Ari 3. In Game Name: ♥♫ G U T T ♫♥™ 4. Age: 13 5.. Maturity: 8.5 really up to how you see me as 6. Something About You: I'm a pretty nice guy, but can get slightly irratated by the occasional "trolls" who happen to stumble onto the same server as me. I go on Phantom Gamers most of the time when on tf2 so there'd be an admin on a lot of the time. I'm also quite good friends with most of the admins on the server (e.g. Corgi, DovahIan, etc.). I like playing mainly tf2 and minecraft so admin would be convenient when on the servers as i tire of having to keep repeatedly reporting them to admins. 7. If You Do Become Admin, What would You Do: If there were any mic-spamming i would silence the player, not ban them as that would be fairly far-fetched. Definitely ban hackers, use my admin powers responsibly and wisely, kick long-time ask's (30 mins or so more), ban players who cap the point on hale at the start matches and 8. What You Know How To Do (With The Job IE: Graphic Designer): I have not yet learnt anything computer related as i am still quite young 9. (Optional) Additional Info (IE Examples Of You Work): I have a lot in common with Magikarp (Fisho3z) really, both pretty smart in the sense as we are both asian. i have also had a bit of history with SM commands as i used to once like derping around by myself on tf2 with bots and commands. P.S. My name does vary from time to time, but my usual names are: ♥♫ G U T T ♫♥™, ส Tha Guted Rose ส -G U T T (magikarp's little, but bigger, friend :3)