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  1. Game / Job: Overall admin to the servers Your age?: Eighteen. Ingame name and steam id: 「Linx」STEAM_0:1:44648629 What time do you normally play?: Any time. I used to be a extreme regular back when I was ex admin. I can be on when needed, or just to be on the servers for gaming reasons. Why should you be an admin?: I believe I should be an admin because I know how communities work and how to deal with one. I have learnt from past mistakes about trying to be the type of fun loving guy who'd use powers at times for fun. I plan on coming back with the idea to enforce the rules, and make Phantom Gamers a fun, clean, and organised community. I am able to bring a vast amount of ideas to make the servers better, while also keeping it managed. I plan on not being a salty or toxic admin, but not one that will go off the hook because people want it. As an admin, we enforce the rules before we "give" anything out. When people need someone to help, the admin will come regardless of what server. I also am able to regularly monitor all phantom servers. If I am allowed the opportunity to help with developing the servers, and bringing new methods of fun to the server, I will only bring the highest of quality and fun to players, while keeping the lid tight on the admins and moderators. This request is something I hope you can consider in the possible long run. Do you have a mic if so how much do you use it?: Yes I have a microphone. I use it often. Do you Know the commands for admin?: Yes I know all sourcemod commands. Have You been an admin on another server before?: Yes, ex admin on Phantom Gamers. Owner of my own servers, ex Terraria admin, ex head admin of CTN. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules?: Yes I have. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove you from admin and allow some one else your take you spot?: If I ever stop playing on Phantom Gamers, I will definitely notify you. However, I may take short breaks after long periods of regularity, since I do have a life. If I leave for good, I will notify you that I will drop my position. Additional info: Birthday soon, used to be extremely regular player, interested in helping Phantom develop and maintain the servers, hopefully wanting to come back into the community with new look and new attitude. I also am interested in bringing new features, and activities to the community to make us the community involved with features that you'd want and love to see. I do art and creative writing in my free time, alongside teaching during the day. I also do charity work from time to time. The community members may know me from a number of names as well. Thanks for reading and considering. -Linx
  2. As some of you may know. I have been demoted of admin powers completely. I am making this application to not beg for admin back, but I am making it because I've been with this community as an admin for quite a long time. I'm resubmitting my admin application because I've already came this far with phantom gamers, and I would feel it would be a shame for me to just stop here. I'm sure most of you know by now, I'm the only regular admin or person with powers who comes on both of phantoms servers and looks after it. I know that most of you that have taken the effort to bother to look at this application know who I am and know I do my job. I do realize that I do use my powers for what some people might classify as "abuse" such as setting classes, crits and a few other things. But I do know that a majority of you enjoy this, and it is why I do it. I've seen a number of servers fall due to strict rules, feared admins, and nothing ever different ever happens. I've seen servers where admins are constantly on, muting people they don't like, randomly banning, and pissing off a huge number of the community in which they also fall. I've been told to be a kind, fair, funny, and mad scientist admin. People seem to enjoy me being around, and even enjoy the abuse. Most of you who have been around the past few months would've known, that after the server became empty of admins/mods with nobody looking after it, mic spammers and assholes came on to phantom and started corrupting it. Some of you may know I decided to come back then and I was extremely strict, with several people getting banned for weeks or permanently, loved members who did funny things were muted and gagged constantly because of breaking maybe one rule and the servers essentially went into a prison where people would be punished extremely easily for breaking the rules. I took the time to have a look at some very successful communities and I saw how admins worked. There were very few, like a handful (around 4-5 admins tops) or even just two. They started this year and already have a community with over a thousand players in their steam group. I love phantom, it's over the year i spent on it I've came to realize how much i enjoy being with it's community and caring for it. After i decided to go a little bit more loose, players started coming out of the shadows and people felt like i was much more of a community admin rather than a tightass. People who never spoke on the mic before came up and spoke, people were able to do silly things and they felt comfortable being around me, and the community because it wasn't a harsh prison anymore. Being an admin isn't about crashing the server, or making people fear you. It's about looking after the community, having fun with it, crying with it, and being one with it. That's what it is to be an admin, I don't know whether I'll ever get promoted back to my role as phantoms admin ever again, but I'm going to at least try one last time before giving up. I want to see phantom get bigger, become more than it just is as hale and dodgeball. I want to see the servers full a lot of the time, people saying hello to their mates and making new ones, the steam group doubling, people wanting to donate not because they want special powers but because they love the server. I still have faith that phantom can have the potential to be more than it just is, and I want to be at the side of phantom, with my fellow lab members when the day phantom becomes on of the biggest servers out there. I love phantom, and I love you guys and girls as the community. Are you, the community, the owners, my fellow lab members. Willing to give me one last chance? Yours Truly ~Light
  3. +1 Good luck with your application! Very well written and thought out. You seem pretty good with writing out the application, and i have seen you a lot on the Dodgeball servers. You're a generally nice guy to play with and i think you'd be a great new member to the admin team. I'd like to congratulate you for taking the time and effort to write a very thought out application and for asking for advice on it. It shows that you're a good guy, who's really looking forward to helping out the server and i think that even if you don't get accepted, you'll be a very good influence on the dodgeball side of the community! Good luck Neon!
  4. Hououin Kyouma

    Quiting TF2

    They are. Just not to people who lie and do shit behind their backs.
  5. Hououin Kyouma

    Quiting TF2

    Lol nice logic: DickGod: "I'm quitting tf2 for months because someone made fun of my clan wahhh" Scarly: "Seriously grow up, this isn't cod, people get this shit all the time on phantom and you know it. We don't want children like you doing stupid stuff" Dickgod: "Captain Capital Is Here To Say It's A Very Serious Matter, Being Disrespectful To Someone's Cod Tf2 Clan Is Deadly Serious, You COULD DIE! You're All Mean Wah Wah Wah" Me: "Need some ice for that burn deathgod?" Scarly: "get the fuck out captain capital" Dickgod: "Found my balls, guess i can come back to tf2 even though i made such a big fuss over wanting to leave because of my CoD clan"
  6. Hououin Kyouma

    Quiting TF2

    Deathgod, would you like some ice for that burn?
  7. Hououin Kyouma

    I Love This Server

    I don't see how or why... Plus, read what i said before. Nobody likes a suck up.
  8. I do have to say, I've seen you around a fair bit but for me to give you a +1 or a -1 is also hard to say. I need to see a bit more confidence of you on phantom, when you speak on the mic you tend to sound like you're acting shy and when there are huge amounts of people on the mic you tend to try and over voice them. When an admin or someone isn't using the mic you tend to be very quite and such. I've seen you around every now and then, but considering you as a mod let alone admin would be hard to tell at this stage. I want to see more of you out there on the server(s) and try to be a bit more "brave" sounding! Your application isn't poor either, but it could use a itty bit of touching up here and there. You seem like an okay dude, but you have yet to make a name for yourself on phantom, let alone be called a regular player. Most people apply when they have a lot of people who know them very well and have made a name for themselves in the community. I do suggest try being more active and get yourself that fancy name. I will edit my comment every now and then based on observations that i've noticed from you. Plus one other thing... Only comment on your profile is DeathGod 11 hours ago DeathGod Loves All Phantom Gamers <3Just a heads up, nobody likes a suck up. Update #1 Hey Deathgod, from what you've recently done i'm leaning more towards the side of you shouldn't be an admin. You're acting so desperate for it and it's getting on the communities nerves, you're telling me that you're a horrible person because i gave you some mixed feedback, you're making all these threads about yourself and how much you "LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE" phantom. It's just plain old creepy, and sorry man we don't need creepos lurking on the admin team here on phantom. -1, try and convince me why you should be admin with your best shot. Sorry kiddo.
  9. Hououin Kyouma

    Jailbreak server?

    I already suggested the idea, I'm currently in the works to get my own Jailbreak server up called "Dr. Straya's Jailbreak" i do plan to hopefully link it up with phantom gamers so that the servers can be connected in some way. However it might be a while, i will get there some day though.
  10. Hououin Kyouma

    Hale #1 Swapover!

    R.I.P Hale #1
  11. +1 nice guy, you should use your mic man. He also has a humourous habbit of doing -,- and calling me "Mr. Moderator" and "Mr. Admin" good luck
  12. +1 very nice and friendly player. I've seen him on regularly and is a very good guy to the other players. However i do recommend making your application a bit longer, it does seem rather short.
  13. Hououin Kyouma

    TF2 vsh admin application

    Hey Jimmy, you need 5 posts and a profile picture. Also your application is a bit short and your mic isn't very clear but you still use it. You would make a great admin just improve your mic, and try and make your app more descriptive, add a profile picture, get steam profile picture. Sorry if i sound a bit harsh but I'll give you a +1 you'd be a solid admin Jimmy.
  14. +1 Very well written and committed application. Show's great intention of helping to support the server! She's a very friendly and kind player, always showing a smile and positive attitude towards the community. She also is one of the players that hates admin caboose in every possible way and often tells the admins/mods or whoever to stop otherwise she leaves. I've been on most of the time with her and she would make a fantastic admin! Good luck sweetie!~ :3