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  1. Its a spam bot, won't get an answer.
  2. Avix

    Mod Question

  3. Declined due to lack of information and failure to comply with guidelines of 5+ posts. (Also never seen you in my life) Feel free to reapply when you think you're ready and have complied with the guide lines.
  4. I am declining your app due to the lack of information, and you tried to bribe people. http://i.imgur.com/VEcrENk.png Saying that you will give away items after getting a certain amount of +1's is just wrong. Its bribery, do we want that in our Staff? No, absoulutley not. Feel free to re-apply when you're ready. (And dont try to bribe this time)
  5. 1st of all You need atleast 5+ posts to apply. Second you have used the wrong template. 1. Game: 2. Steam name + Steam URL: 3. Your age? : 4. Why should you be admin? : 5. Define becoming an admin : 6. Do you have a mic if so do you use it a lot? : 7. Do you know the commands of admin (e.g sm_kick)? 8. What is your policy with scammers? : 9. Additional info: Thirdly, I have never seen you on.
  6. Avix

    Hale #1 Swapover!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am currently swapping Hale #1 into a Zombie Fortress server! It may take a few days, maybe even a week depending on the time I have on my hands. I will work as hard as I can to get it to you soon! Do not fret, Hale #2 will not be closed! Feel free to check out the Wiki post about it. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Zombie_Fortress We may also require some more admins, so apply now! Contact me if you have any questions or concerns. -Avix
  7. Could you please add more information? It doesn't really state much about how we should choose you over others.
  8. What is with the pointless "Oh someone is reading my post?" Please refrain from posting things like that, while it may be fun and games, it makes you seem like a bad candidate for admin.
  9. Although we have become friends, I still think you have a long way to go before becoming admin. You act immature too much, example posting on another persons application "#whynoonelookatmyappanymorejustcauseitsatthebottumimsosad <--- my new signature" Then when someone questions you why you respond " the question is were you necessary ;D no it probably wasnt but meh was giving him a +1 and my mind went on a rampage"That cannot be tolerated, even if it was a joke that does not make our community look good. You are a great guy, don't get me wrong. You use the mic a lot and are very happy to chat, but I don't think you're ready for admin yet. You have to tone down how immature you can be, we need mature admins. A joke every now and again is okay, but not to the magnitude of posting on someone elses admin application. I have also seen you abuse people verbally, I am not sure if this will happen if you became admin, but it does make me think more about denying you're application for now. I recommend you get used to talking nicer to people, it is sure to get you noticed for admin rather then going off at someone. So I have reviewed everything, and I am going to deny your app. Sorry. Feel free to re-apply when you're ready.-Avix
  10. Just because you're already an admin doesn't mean you can skip past the requirements. Closed until you have 5+ posts.
  11. Obviously you haven't really paid much attention to it, the trade server was closed a long time ago.
  12. Avix

    Evanescence demoting cookie

    It was actually informed to all the admins through multiple posts, it was up to her to read it, if she did not read it that is her fault.
  13. Avix

    What We Want The Phantom-Gamers community To Be

    We have them, they're called Admins.
  14. Avix


    Ah the old cool text....