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  1. GG2ME - You're a great player and have been around for awhile even back when i was hanging around but man. You should know that this admin app is not acceptable. Even if i was to make the choice of you being admin/mod i would have you retry and have some effort. A good hint to get killer to accept it is to add pretty colours
  2. When i made this template for upgrading i didn't expect people to actually use it. In my opinion age restriction should be 16 for admins Phantom should know this. (not saying this app is wrong) Your app is very right but very wrong. Admins should not be using 'fun' commands but in saying that i did use it often. So why not? I say do it, lol cause why the hell not Hade~
  3. Okay so if i even have any source of power, to be absolutely honest. You shouldn't get Admin reasons include; 1. Trying 5 times? 2. Saying in your first sentence " I will do whatever it takes to be an Admin / become an Admin." 3. You say there have been situations where there isn't a Mod/Admin available. This should not be a issue was there only 5 people on at the same time? 4. lol this is just silly " I don't like using it when it's extremely cancerous in the voice chat. That's when shit gets real really quickly in my opinion. " - When i was on the server you tried to roast me, in my defense i roasted back and silenced you with words not power. Admins should be able to do the same with every situation. 5. You moaned on your mic. These reasons are why you would not make a good Admin/Moderator. Maybe in another year have a break in trying for awhile. That being said some constructive criticism is that you need to get some advise in being admin watch and learn from others, if they abuse obviously not the way to go. You did taker your time on this app, but... no need to rush into things. Hade~
  4. Hade<3

    2017 Update: New Admin Positions | New Head Admin | Dodgeball | More...

    YEA BOOYYYY been too busy. Nice seeing yous all i might haang around every now and then
  5. Hade<3

    Matty Abuse Report

    Well some of us have work, more priorities. But i've read all this shit and non-sense and come to the sense to delete matty as Admin, it's just a fucking hassle with everyone complaining about him abusing so might as well give them what they want.
  6. Hade<3

    MrBluuy's Resignation

    I'm getting pretty sick of these, stop please.
  7. Hade<3


    I've been against the +rep all along, it's basically the community asking for them to be mod. I or Phantom make the decision in the end, obviously we do take into count the '+rep' BUT in saying that we won't just do it. I do go on my alt and go in-game to check out the player as a counter measure, just to make sure that they are what they say they are.
  8. No co-owner app, it's for admin
  9. So yea, you're accepted sorry for the wait i broke my finger and work has been busy
  10. Mod 4 now, please follow the rules
  11. Well i've demoted him, i want to hear his side before anything more